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      She opened her eyes. The people were moving. The Mockbeggar gate had been accounted for, and they rolled on towards Thornsdale. The jamb was not so alarming, for a good many revellers had been left behind, dancing round the remains of the bonfire, crowding into the public-house, or scattering in couples over the fields.

      PUBLIC OPINION SEVENShe gently rattled the door-handle. There was no denying itthe house was locked up. It must be later than she thoughtthat walk on the Rother levels must have been longer than it had seemed to her thirsty love. A thrill of fear went through her. She hoped Reuben would not be angry. She was his dutiful wife.

      Chapter 18

      "Disposer Supreme,



      He ran to meet her, for his legs tottered so that he could not walk. He could not frame his question, but she answered it: