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      Traffords eyes flashed across to the other man.Esmeralda was the Duchess of Belfayre!

      She neither moved nor spoke, but waited for the end.She did not speak; and, after a moment, he went on, with bent head and eyes fixed on the ground, as if he dreaded to read his sentence in her face.

      "At last," playfully sighed the Creole, "'tis good-by, Kincaid's Battery. Good-by, you hun'red good fellows, with yo' hun'red horses and yo' hun'red wheels and yo' hun'red hurras."

      I know not. But it will give us time. It will be something to have hidden the truth untiluntil after the funeral. His head drooped.

      Dont say a word! she said, with an impatient movement of her head. I have seen you together since she has been here; I have seen her look at you, have heard her voice when she spoke to you. I have learned a great deal since I came to this London of yours. I know what these grand ladies are. Do you think I havent listened to the stories of Lady Wyndover and other women? Do you think I dont know how they live, how little they care what they do, what other womens hearts they break, so that they can have their own way? You think I dont know that Lady Ada says to herself, that though you may be my husband, you really belong to her?

      I beg your pardon, said Varley, after a moment.

      The service commenced; it was as elaborate and ornate as a full choir, enthusiastic organist, and a famous bishop could make it, and the spectators felt almost as if they were assisting at a state ceremony.He groaned in his anguish.


      "Nothing much; only that she's not the kind to seem like the owner of a field battery. My goodness! uncle, if she had half Miss Flora's tang--"


      Her eyes flashed.


      He flung the end of the cigarette into the fire-place and went into the drawing-room.